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In New York, if you are injured while on your job the exclusive remedy is under New York State’s Workers Compensation Law. You are entitled to receive economic loss from your employer’s workers compensation policy regardless of fault in how your accident occurred. While it’s not required that you obtain an attorney to receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, in many cases it’s advisable that you have a representative who can appear with you in court to rebut the testimony of the doctors who examined you on behalf of the workers’ compensation insurance company. Also, under New York State disability law, you may be eligible for benefits even if you were injured off the job such as in a motor vehicle accident.

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Accidents on Construction Sites

Construction sites constitute a high-risk environment in an industry where accidents occur routinely. Injuries are common despite the efforts of management and on-the-ground personnel to provide a safe environment. When it can be proven that a third-party, either the owner of the property or an architect, developer, or general contractor has been negligent in providing the correct equipment to ensure the safety of workers, victims may be entitled to damages for their injuries.

Section 240 of the New York Labor Law, for instance, states that if equipment that was required to perform your work was either not provided or was faulty, a third-party may be held liable for your injuries. Injuries may result from falling or having been struck by an object or because proper safety harnesses were not provided.

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