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Each year, approximately 5,000 people die in motorcycle crashes, and many more sustain life-changing injuries. New York City is an especially dangerous place to ride motorcycles. By design, motorcycles are more vulnerable and less crashworthy than other vehicles. Sadly, motorcyclists are 29 times more likely than other motorists to die in a crash.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, someone else may be to blame. The Law Office of Matthew Glassman can help you investigate the crash, determine what went wrong, and hold the proper party or parties accountable for your loss.

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Alcohol impairment is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents, so never ride under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Lane splitting (riding between lanes of traffic)
  • Unsafe turns and lane changes
  • Road hazards
  • And more

Passenger vehicle drivers frequently cause motorcycle accidents because they forget to check their blind spots when changing lanes or turn left directly into a motorcyclist’s path. Debris, potholes, and cracks in the pavement can also cause motorcycle accidents.

Whether a driver failed to see you, or the government failed to maintain safe roadways, you can take legal action against the responsible party or parties.

Our Suffolk County motorcycle accident attorney is here to help.

Serious Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle crashes can be devastating, particularly for motorcyclists. In addition to road rash, soft tissue injuries, and broken bones, riders can face spinal cord injuries (SCIs), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and other injuries that can lead to long-term disabilities. In case is resulting in death the local or county police department will complete a full investigation taking measurements and photographs and witness statements which aid greatly in the bringing of a lawsuit. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local police department and the name of the detective who is handling the investigation.

SCIs and TBIs are among the most serious motorcycle accident injuries and affected motorcyclists may be unable to work and/or require lifelong care just to survive.

How Filing a Lawsuit Can Help

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, filing a lawsuit can help you recover damages. The damages from a motorcycle accident lawsuit can help you:

  • Pay for medical bills
  • Offset missed wages
  • Replace your income entirely
  • Access the resources you need
  • Afford specialty care
  • Maximize your independence with a serious injury
  • Account for physical pain and suffering
  • And more

If you lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident, your damages can also help you with funeral and burial expenses, give you time to grieve, and offset the financial impact of your loss.

While no amount of money can change what happened, having the right resources can make moving forward easier, whether you are learning to live with a major disability or without a loved one.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

The most important thing you can do after a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate medical attention – even if you do not feel hurt. Accept medical transportation if you need it, and if you do not leave the scene of the accident in an ambulance, wait until the authorities give you permission to do so and head straight to urgent care, the hospital, or your doctor.

While you wait for help to arrive, document your injuries, and gather as much information as you can about the accident. Exchange contact information with the other driver, write down key details, and take pictures of the scene, both vehicles, your injuries, and everything else you can think of.

Always prioritize your health after an auto accident, but when you’re feeling up to it, be sure to discuss your case with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Suffolk County.

The caring and compassionate staff at The Law Office of Matthew Glassman are ready to take your call, and Attorney Glassman will handle your case with individual attention and expertise.

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