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What Does It Mean When We Say We Offer a Free Consultation & Work on Contingency?

In many cases, attorneys charge for their services, even as early as the initial call with them. If they take the case, they then charge the client a retainer, guaranteeing the lawyer's availability for the matter. However, our practice does not work that way. We offer a free consultation and work on a contingency basis, meaning you won't be directly charged to talk to us or to handle your case.

To discuss your personal injury matter with our attorney, contact The Law Office of Matthew Glassman at (631) 406-4385. We help individuals in Suffolk County.

The Costs of Hiring an Attorney

Most of the time, when someone hires an attorney, they must pay a financial retainer. The retainer reserves the lawyer for the client's case.

Then, the law firm bills an hourly fee against the retainer. The rate can be as high as $500+ an hour. Thus, legal representation is often beyond the financial means of many people.

At The Law Office of Matthew Glassman, financial matters are handled a bit differently.

Offering a Complimentary Consultation

First, we offer a complimentary consultation. That means we'll discuss the basic facts of your case over the phone, via Zoom, or even through email without charging a fee for the conversation.

We are trained in personal injury law, which means we know what elements must be proven to bring a successful negligence case in court. If you have been injured in an accident, arguments must be presented in a certain way and include specific findings.

During a free (or complimentary) consultation, we gather the information we need to understand whether the case may be successful. (Please note that success in a case is never guaranteed.)

Accepting a Case on a Contingency Basis

If our lawyer is satisfied that your case might be successful, we would be willing to accept it on a contingency basis. Essentially, working on a contingency means that we are paid a percentage of what we can recover for you from the liable party of their financial representative. We don't bill you directly.

The process works as follows: Our firm funds your case to obtain the necessary evidence to build your legal strategy. We don't get paid or refunded unless or until we successfully present your case and get money for you from the wrongdoing party!

Working on a contingency basis allows us to make our services available to everyone.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Firm

If you believe that you have a personal injury case because you were injured due to the negligence of another person for instance in a car accident, commercial premises due to a trip or slip & fall, physician, or nursing home in Suffolk County, please reach out to us. We will evaluate your case, and if we decide to pursue the matter, we will do so in a way that costs you nothing.

Contact us at (631) 406-4385. We look forward to hearing from you.